Blowing Rocks Preserve Engagement Photos In Jupiter Beach, Florida By Miami Engagement Photographers Ashley and Erik Photography Featuring Emily and Marco

We hope you enjoy these Blowing Rocks Preserve Engagement Photos In Jupiter Beach, Florida featuring Emily and Marco.

We hope you enjoy these Blowing Rocks Preserve Engagement Photos In Jupiter Beach, Florida featuring Emily and Marco.

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Blowing Rocks Preserve Engagement Photos

If you’re just joining us for Emily and Marco’s engagement experience, be sure to check out our first blog with all the details of their fire station engagement session. Part two of their engagement session experience takes place at Blowing Rocks Preserve in Jupiter Beach, after a short chicken nugget break of course.


Like a true chameleon, Emily went from va-va-voom at the fire station to Greek goddess emerging from the sea surrounded by the beautiful rock formations of Blowing Rocks Preserve.  There was such a sweet serenity to the afternoon portion of their experience. This was all about the intimate moments and sweet nothings whispered between two hearts.


Moments of laughter as the cold sea rushed against their skin. Walking hand in hand where the land greets the sea. These are only a fraction of what makes an amazing engagement session. The true mark of a great engagement session is falling in love with each other all over again from each minute to the next. It’s being reminded of all the things that you adore about each other. It is the realization that you’re gazing into the eyes of the person you are going to marry and spend your life with.

It’s not the place or the sunset in the background or the outfits you’re wearing. It’s the feeling you have when you look back at your photos and remember what fun you have together.


A Note to Emily and Marco

Emily and Marco, you both are so sweet and loving. Not only for each other but for the world around you. You both so clearly love what you do, even on the hard days. We know that your pride in each other pushes you both to your very best selves. It was a joy to get to know you and hope you look back on these memories with fondness and adoration. We thank you both for all the hard work you give for your community.

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