COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines

How we plan to serve you, while remaining as safe as possible.

As city and state restrictions begin to loosen, many small businesses have begun to reopen. We thought we’d take a moment to share our plan for reopening to help our clients and vendor partners understand what to expect when working with Ashley and Erik.

Ashley and Erik will resume sessions starting Monday, December 7th, 2020.

It feels like it has been ages and we are so excited to get back to doing what we love! We’ve missed the joyfulness of the couples we work with and capturing the important moments in their lives! Excitement aside, your safety and ours is still a primary forethought and we must still be mindful of state and federal guidelines. 

Here is a list of procedures and guidelines that we will follow when we reopen:

Note: Last Updated 12/2/2020. We will continue to update as our plans change.

  • Sanitization – All equipment, props, and other objects with which a client may come into contact will be sanitized before and after a client session.
  • Video Meetings Only – While we typically love to meet with all of our clients in person in order to build our relationship. For the time being, we will only be doing meetings via zoom.
  • Limited Guests – Only one couple/client (and their immediate families) will be allowed during sessions. For now, “the more isn’t the merrier”.
  • Staff Replacements – All staff are instructed to stay home if they are not feeling well. With our team of photographers, we will find a replacement for the shoot with a comparable level of quality.
  • Face Covering – Our photographers will wear face coverings or masks during the shoots.  Clients will be asked to wear face coverings during Engagement sessions when not being photographed.
  • Outdoor Shoots Encouraged – We encourage outdoor shoots at open parks, beaches, and other open areas where a safe distance can be maintained.
  • Maintaining Distance – Whenever possible, we will maintain our distance while working, with hands free posing for couples and families and utilizing lenses with longer focal lengths.
  • Additional Precautions – For your particular shoot, please let us know if there are any other guidelines that you would like us to follow.

We have an obligation to keep you all safe when you book a shoot with us and we want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.


Thank you for your support of small business! 


Yes. We are doing all we can to follow the recommended guidelines to stay as healthy as possible. Barring mandated quarantines or shutdowns, we will do all we can to be there ready to photograph your wedding and celebrate with you and your guests as planned.  

Absolutely! Some of our clients are choosing to have smaller, more intimate weddings, and we are here for it!

Yes. We understand the uncertainty that comes with scheduling a wedding during a global pandemic. We’re willing to work with you and will honor the original photography agreement with no additional charges, fees, or penalties. The rescheduled date must be within 365 days of your current wedding date, may not be on a holiday, and is subject to availability (more availability Mon-Thurs). If we are unavailable on your rescheduled date, one of our Master Associate Photographers will step in to shoot on your rescheduled date. You may also choose a date beyond the 365 days, but our current rates and packages will then apply (your payments thus far will, of course, be applied toward the current rates and packages). 

While we are doing everything to stay as healthy as possible. If we contract the virus and cannot photograph your wedding, a Master Associate Photographer will cover your day. You’ll be in great, well-washed hands, and you have nothing to worry about. We will handle all the editing, processing, and delivery of your photos.

Wedding plans during Covid season are ever changing. Please let us know the new location as soon as possible and, as long as it still allows our team to be home before 1:00 AM the following morning and is within 100 miles round trip, there will be no additional charge for your photography services. 

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