Fun Lifestyle Beach Engagement Photos At Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida By Miami Wedding and Engagement Photographers Ashley and Erik Photography Featuring Markie and Andres

We hope you enjoy these fun lifestyle beach engagement photos at Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida featuring Markie and Andres.

We hope you enjoy these fun lifestyle beach engagement photos at Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida featuring Markie and Andres.

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Beach Engagement Photos

When a couple tells us they want beach engagement photos, we usually have a pretty good idea of how that’s going to play out. However, Markie and Andres wanted to do things a little different. They wanted to capture what a typical Saturday looked like for them because those were the memories they loved making.


So they strapped up their skates and took to the beach! For their engagement session, they skated hand in hand alongside the waves admiring beautiful Las Olas Beach. Most of the time they were just out there struttin’ their stuff and having a blast while we rushed beside them to capture the good times being had. But every once in a while, there was an uh-oh moment and let’s just say, our blooper reel is to die for!


Next, they got all dressed up for a romantic walk on the beach and a night on the town. These were beach engagement photos after all. So, we had Andres pull off his best Ryan Gosling impression as he lifted Markie up in the air for some surfside passion. If that wasn’t romantic enough, Andres brought Markie to the center of the square and danced with her under the twinkling bistro lights. As their dance ended, rightfully with a kiss, the crowd around them erupted in cheer and applause. How cute is that?!

As date night began to wind down our couple found themselves in the cutest gelato shop. True to character, they both ended up with gelato gloriously smushed onto their faces. There really is never a dull moment with these two!


A Note to Markie and Andres

Being in the wedding industry, we hear lots of advice and words of wisdom from the couples and families we work with. One such nugget of wisdom is to enjoy each other’s company. Whenever we hear that little bit of gold, you two are the ones we always think of. Markie and Andres, you are the gold standard for what enjoying each other looks like. May every couple in the history of love strive to have as much fun together as you two do.

Thank You To The Amazing Wedding Vendor Team!

We love to give all the wedding vendors credit for their incredible work. If we unintentionally failed to include a vendor, please contact us to be credited in this post. 

Photographer: Miami Wedding Photographers, Ashley and Erik Photography

Hair and Makeup: Veronica Marin

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