Miami Beach Wedding | Melissa and Lyvan

Melissa and Lyvan's Miami beach wedding was full of raw emotion, joyful laughter, and the cutest groom reaction you'll ever see.

It was a dark and stormy morning for a Miami Beach wedding. The sand was damp and compact. The wind and the ocean hummed their mesmerizing songs and Melissa was buzzing with nervous excitement. There was real concern that their Miami Beach wedding ceremony would be drowned out by the stormy weather the news stations had predicted. But not 5 minutes before it was time to begin, the clouds parted. At that moment, the sun began to shine through, warming our skin and setting fire to the sky.


As Melissa walked down the rose petalled path to where the earth kisses the sea, all eyes were on her. In that very instant, all concerns melted away and all that was left was radiant joy. It was the kind of thing that only happens in the movies. I think what stood out to me most about that moment though, was the uninhibited excitement flowing through Lyvan. That man was SO ready to marry the woman of his dreams, we weren’t sure he wouldn’t just skip to the “I do’s and first kiss” the moment she reached him (although it did almost happen half way through the ceremony!). 


When you think of true love, the thought of fairytales is sure to follow. When WE think of true love, we think of Melissa and Lyvan. To watch them together is truly a privilege and a reminder of what love can really be. It can be raw, and powerful and authentic. It can be fun and challenging and sometimes frustrating. But above all, it is togetherness. It is unity. 


This togetherness is so present in the love that they share for one another. They dance together (man oh man can they dance!), laugh their beautiful laughs together, travel the world together, express their endless gratitude together. All while staying true to their unique and authentic selves. As they celebrated their love and vowed their commitment to one another, surrounded by only their closest friends and family, their emphasis on togetherness was never more apparent. Even with an ocean between Lyvan and his family, he and Melissa made sure they were still with them on the most important day of their lives (FaceTime for the win)!  From set up to bottoms up, Lyvan’s family was able to be a part of the special day. 

A Note to Melissa and Lyvan

Melissa and Lyvan, to know you is a gift. To be a part of your life, a treasure. The lives you have touched are all the richer and changed forever. We are so looking forward to watching your journey continue to unfold before you. We know that your passion, love for life, and gratitude will guide you through a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment. 

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