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Capturing  Sashia and Jean’s Worth Avenue Engagement pictures was a dream! From the moment they arrived, they were ready to go.

Capturing  Sashia and Jean’s Worth Avenue Engagement pictures was a dream! From the moment they arrived, they were ready to go. Never mind the 100 degree heat and harsh rays from the sun. Jean and Sashia were all about it. With an ability to transition from a fierceness worthy of Vogue to a joyfulness suited for Covergirl, you’d have thought them both professional models

Though we’d met with Sashia previously on multiple occasions, Jean wasn’t quite sure of what he was getting himself into. But if Sashia wanted Worth Avenue engagement pictures, then he was going to give that to her.


We’d heard bits and pieces of their love story from Sashia the previous times we’d met. It always stuck in our mind the way she spoke of him. She was proud to go through life with him by her side. And then we saw the way she looked at him. 

It was a look that would make your heart leap in your chest. The love and adoration these two have for each other is so beautiful. We were nothing short of inspired. There was no difference in the way they were with each other on or off camera. It was a constant love.


While they were pro’s at giggling into and out of their smooches, I lived for capturing the moments when they thought the camera was down. Those authentic and intimate moments of connection “between” shots were EVERYTHING!

Sure they were having fun being all dressed up and taking engagement photos all along Worth Avenue, in all it’s picturesque glory. At least as much fun as you can in that crazy South Florida heat. But, it wasn’t the photo taking part that was fun for them. It was being together and sharing a new experience together that made it fun and exciting. Not only did they get to explore a new part of town, together, but they got to be adventurous, together. They got to dance, and twirl, and laugh, together. That was all that mattered. 


A Note to Sashia and Jean

Sashia and Jean, we are inspired by your playful nature and the connection you two so effortlessly share. We know seven years is a long time to be together, but there is a lifetime of memories waiting for you. We know you will love and laugh and enjoy every minute of it!

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