Ancient Spanish Monastery Luxury Engagement In North Miami Beach, Florida By Miami Engagement Photographers Ashley and Erik Photography Featuring Alison and Christian

We hope you enjoy this Ancient Spanish Monastery Luxury Engagement In North Miami Beach, Florida featuring Alison and Christian.

We hope you enjoy this Ancient Spanish Monastery Luxury Engagement In North Miami Beach, Florida featuring Alison and Christian.

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Ancient Spanish Monastery Luxury Engagement


You may not think that Miami is a place where you can run dramatically down a corridor in a formal gown towards your prince charming, but it very much is. That is exactly what we did at the Ancient Spanish Monastery Miami for Alison and Christian’s luxury engagement session. It was total princess vibes, and we are HERE FOR IT!!

Ancient Spanish Monastery Miami is one of our absolute favorite places to photograph our couples. There is something just so romantic about its old Romanesque architecture that transports you back to a different time. It’s easily the best place to live out your childhood fairytale dreams.


When we met with Alison the first time, we knew it was going to be a fun session. Her and Christian are so vibrant and full of life. I would also be remiss if I failed to mention how wonderfully silly they are. When we spoke with them about what they wanted most from their engagement session, Alison looked at me with grace and composure and said “ I want my grandkids to be embarrassed as hell when they see these photos”.  That is exactly what we set out to do.

Their entire engagement experience was a whirlwind of drama and laughter and passion and play. It was a time that they could disconnect from reality and simply revel in the joy of each other.


A Note to Alison and Christian

Ali and Christian, you two are without a doubt, the life of every party. Even if it’s a party of two. You are best friends and partners in crime. We have no doubt that you will one day be the coolest grandparents on the block. We also know that cheeks will blush when you explain why grandpa is peeking his head out from under your dress in the photo on the living room wall.

Wishing you a lifetime of laughter and crazy adventures. With love, your favorite non-stuffy luxury engagement and wedding photography duo, Ashley and Erik.

Thank You To The Amazing Wedding Vendor Team!

We love to give all the wedding vendors credit for their incredible work. If we unintentionally failed to include a vendor, please contact us to be credited in this post. 

Photographer: Miami Wedding Photographers, Ashley and Erik Photography

Dresses Courtesy Of: J. Del Olmo Bridal Gallery and Couture

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