Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden Engagement Photos in Coral Gables, Florida By Miami Wedding and Engagement Photographers Ashley and Erik Photography Featuring Kelly and Chris

We hope you enjoy these Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden Engagement Photos in Coral Gables, Florida featuring Kelly and Chris.

We hope you enjoy these Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden Engagement Photos in Coral Gables, Florida featuring Kelly and Chris.

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Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden Engagement Photos

There is something so incredibly romantic about taking a stroll through a garden in full bloom. The sweet scent of flowers and dew filling the air. The way the sun catches on iridescent butterfly wings as they flutter by. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens was the perfect backdrop for Kelly and Chris’s botanical garden engagement photos.


Let us tell you a little about Kelly and Chris. Those two are the kind of people that are in it for the memories. Every adventure is an opportunity to create a new memory to cherish as they navigate through life together. Their botanical garden engagement photos were no exception. Their engagement experience was full of wonder and exploration as they roamed the garden grounds. It was a day full of butterflies, both literal and figurative.


We know engagement sessions are often a new experience for our couples and there can be a lot of nerves to get things right. Yes, you want to walk away knowing you will have beautiful images to look back on. But isn’t it that much more special to walk away a little more in love with each other than when you started?  We know Kelly was swooning when Chris said, “today made me fall in love all over again with you”. We’d be lying if we weren’t swooning too! That right there is what it is all about!!


A Note to Kelly and Chris

Kelly and Chris, we adore the way you cherish each other’s company. It was a joy to see the serenity you feel when you are near one another. You two take nothing for granted. You work for what you believe in and without a doubt, you believe in each other. Thank you for sharing your connection with us. May you spend every precious day falling a little deeper in love. With love, Ashley and Erik.

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