Miami Beach Engagement Photos | Alli and Jorge

Lush palm fronds, silky white sands, deep ocean blues, and cotton candy skies made for a picture-perfect setting for their Miami Beach engagement photos.

There’s nothing quite as magical as a moonlit walk along the beach with the person who holds the key to your heart.  Those were exactly the moments we were able to capture for Alli and Jorge for their Miami Beach engagement photos.

Lush palm fronds, silky white sands, deep ocean blues, and cotton candy skies made for a picture-perfect setting for their Miami Beach engagement photos. I honestly couldn’t think of a better match for Alli and Jorge than the tropical vibrance of South Beach. With a love for the ocean almost as strong as their love for each other, it only made sense.


It’s always a joy to get to know our couples during their engagement session. That’s where we really get to see their love shine. The in-between moments are our favorite. The moments when they think our cameras are down and they steal a soft kiss. The quiet snuggles and the little giggles. Those are what make an engagement experience memorable. There were so many of those wonderful moments between Alli and Jorge during their engagement session, our little hearts could barely stand it!


From beginning to end, their playful nature and appreciation for one another was what made them such a joy to photograph. However, even with all the pieces of a perfect session, it was not without its challenges.

Normally, Monday afternoon would be an ideal time for an ocean side engagement experience. However, that is most definitely not the case when it happens to fall on Veterans day, which all FOUR of us completely forgot about!


That beautiful ocean backdrop becomes an ocean of people. People everywhere! The photo-bombs were real, folks. With Alli being a dolphin trainer by profession, that was definitely not the photo-bomb scenario we had fantasized about. I’m not sure why we thought she had total control over sea creatures of the wild, but we imagined dolphins dancing in the horizon far more than I care to admit.

All is well that ends well though. There may not have been any dolphins (that we could see!), but the simultaneous sunset and full moon-rise was spectacular.

A Note to Alli and Jorge

Alli and Jorge, you two were the sweetest! It was an absolute joy getting to know you and witness just how much you enjoy each other’s company. Above all, we wish you a lifetime of playfulness and love on your journey of togetherness and love.


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